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Continuous training and education to develop your career or learn a new skill. The goal of professional development is to keep you up-to-date on current trends as well as help you develop new skills for the purpose of advancement in the field.

All provider programmes include a digital certificate and course materials.

Please contact us directly for available corporate pricing options.

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Introduction to Events Management

4-Day Workshop | 20 Sections

This Melted Workx  course has been designed to teach you the skills that you will need to quickly succeed  in the events industry. It is also a great way of refreshing existing knowledge, updating your industry skills and contributing towards your professional development.

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Young Businesswoman

Hospitality Manager: Skills Development

5-Day Workshop | 9 Modules

In the demanding, fast-paced world of hospitality, effective supervisory skills are a must for an organized operation. This module highlights the key elements and skills for successful

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Team Meeting


1 Module | 7 Sections

A good leader effectively directs his or her team with ease and competence through all the challenges that arise. This module outlines the key points of successful leadership in the area of hospitality.

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Kitchen Staff

Staffing & Scheduling

1 Module | 6 Sections

In this module, hoteliers will 
learn how to recruit for maximum
performance, forecast schedules,
develop work schedules, arrange
staff positions, evaluate procedures,
and much more.

Anchor 4
Office Coffee Break

Improving Employee Performance

1 Module | 8 Sections

Without proper attention and maintenance, staff performance suffers and deteriorates. This module shows hoteliers the essentials for fine-tuning employee skills, including; setting standards; coaching; counseling; and conducting performance reviews.

Anchor 5
Museum Employees

Conducting Orientation and Training

1 Module | 8 Sections

Starting on “the right foot” with a new employee will help the hospitality establishment develop a good working relationship directly from the start. This module showcases many effective techniques for “welcoming” the trainee

Anchor 6
Hands Together

Motivation and Team Building

1 Module | 7 Sections

Success in the hospitality industry depends on a motivated staff that performs as a team. This module provides essential techniques for effective motivation and team building. Hoteliers can use these techniques to lower turnover rates and absenteeism, while improving quality guest service.

Anchor 7
Old Alarm Clock

Time Management

1 Module | 9 Sections

Time is money in the fast-paced world of  hospitality, so it needs to be managed as carefully and accurately as if you were managing money. This module shows new and experienced supervisors what it takes to make every minute count.

Anchor 8
Distanced Couple

Handling Problems and Conflict

1 Module | 6 Sections

Evaluating problem situations as they arise and efficiently resolving them greatly enhances the balance and success of hospitality management. This module defines strategies to quickly prioritize and implement those solutions. 

Anchor 9
Speaker with Hands Raised

Effective Communication

1 Module | 9 Sections

Clear, concise and effective  communication is vitally important in the hospitality industry. This module  illustrates the type of positive interaction and approachability that are major elements in all areas of management and customer service.

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