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Naidene Cary



Founder and CEO of Melted Workx Naidene Cary, born in the mother country of Zimbabwe in the then beautiful town of Bulawayo. From a young age she was inspired by dance and movement and her dance education took her into training aspiring dancers – future Hip hop and Ballroom legends.


She moved to South Africa in 2007 which led her to work in the hospitality industry as Operations Manager at a 5 Star lodge River Place Country Estate followed by the adventure of a lifetime again in a management portfolio for The Legacy Group’s Davinci Hotel and Suites. It was here where the magic truly began and Naidene found her value and true love in the hospitality, entertainment, and events industry.

With over 15 years’ experience in the industry having overseen and managed extraordinary weddings and events, Naidene has built a network of some of Africa’s great talents, VIP’s, and fantastic providers. Being the determined person she is coming from a life filled with various obstacles and learning to overcome them, she has acquired the ability to deal with the pressure the industry brings and so, Melted Workx has become a “The melting flow” of celebrity partnerships, experience, skill, dance, and passion. Which has led to her new additional role as talent manager. Naidene’s motto is “Every dream is within your reach” her artistic experience is extended to find and cultivate the divine experience and uniqueness in others and making their dream a reality.

Naidene has come to the realisation that it was her gift to merge her passion for dance and hospitality including the challenges in her life to help others and see them flourish, sharing her wisdom and knowledge. Coaching is her way of empowering women and children along the way paving their way to success.

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